22 HOMES in Essex are burgled every day.

The number of homes raided in the last financial year was 7,883 up more than 12 per cent on the previous year.

Several operations are being run by Essex Police to try and combat the rise this year especially during November which is the worst month statistically for burglaries.

Warnings have been sent out to the south Asian community as part of Operation Atlantic with organised gangs targeting their homes due to the amount of jewellery they often have.

Crime prevention advice has been handed out around Greenstead which often sees a late Autumn peak with students moving into the area.

And officers are carrying out targeted patrols in areas which have experienced recent burglaries to provide reassurance and act as a deterrent.

The force is also carrying out further Operation Talon days, which involves checkpoints set up on the county’s transport network to deny burglars and travelling criminals the use of the roads.