A CAMPAIGNER has called for action because shopping trolleys are littering north Colchester estates.

Ben Howe says in the last 18 months Highwoods and Mile End have been plagued with trolleys being left in green space, in the middle of roads and outside homes.

Now he is calling for action from Tesco, which has a superstore off Highwoods Approach.

He also wants Colchester Council to take the problem more seriously.

Homeowner Mr Howe, of Enville Way, said: “It has got the point now that I am thinking of moving on.

“The area is being brought down because of it and for people moving into the area - and there will be a lot of people coming here as the town expands - it is not the sort of thing they will want to see.”

He also called on Tesco to introduce a refundable £1 payment to take a trolley, which he said would ensure people would leave them back.

But Tesco has already ruled a move out.

He added: “Tesco is part of the problem, but they don’t want to be part of the solution and it’s about time someone really made their point on these issues to both them and the council.

“Colchester Council just doesn’t take the problem seriously and I really feel they are backing away from the problem.

“Perhaps they’re scared to take on the mighty Tesco.”

But Gerard Oxford, borough councillor for Highwoods, called for patience.

“We cannot expect trolleys to be picked up all day and all night.

“There must be a degree of reasonableness.”

He added charity Trolleywise is now responsible for picking up Tesco trolleys around north Colchester, as well as in the Hythe.

“Residents have been given details of how to contact Trolleywise if they see them left anywhere in the area and since Trolleywise took over the contract, I have seen a marked reduction of trolleys being left.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Our colleagues work really hard to collect and secure Tesco trolleys every night to make sure there are plenty available for our customers.

“However, unfortunately some trolleys are still removed from the store, and we’re always grateful when customers alert us to them, so that we can ensure they are quickly collected.

“The store manager would be happy to talk to local residents if they have any concerns.”

To report a stolen trolley to Trolleywise, call 01633 892362 or download the app on iPhone or Android.