CHRIS Halls was left rattled when he adder deal with a snake on the loose.

Mr Halls, a Colchester Council zone team operator, was called to Northern Approach after receiving reports of a snake found by the roadside.

When the team arrived at the scene early on Friday morning near to Straight Road, it wasn’t clear if the 6ft snake was alive or dead.

But quick-thinking Chris, who is terrified of snakes, managed to put the reptile in a garden waste bag and tied it using a black bin bag and took it to Colchester Zoo.

There, experts identified it as a North American Pine constrictor snake, a common pet.

Mr Halls said: “I am absolutely terrified of snakes, I can’t even watch them on TV.

“Luckily, I had some colleagues with me who were happy to help.”

He added: “We drove straight to the zoo and I was worried the whole way there.

“I wanted to make sure it couldn’t get out, so it was tied tight.

“But I heard it moving in the back, so I was getting a bit nervous.

“They couldn’t pick up a heart beat but they said snakes have the ability to shut down and effectively seem like they’re dead.”

Later on Friday, vets confirmed the snake had died.

Chris was told the movement he saw in the car was probably the snake’s last rush of adrenalin.

It is thought the snake either escaped from a nearby home or was dumped by its owner, knowing it would soon die.

It will now be kept at the Shrub End recycling centre, in Maldon Road, in a freezer-type machine while staff wait for the snake’s owner to come forward.

To get in contact, call Colchester Council on 01206 282222.