AN MP has approached the Government about a review into the treatment of a family at the centre of a tragedy.

Priti Patel wants the circumstances surrounding the treatment of Shy Keenan’s family to be investigated.

Mrs Keenan’s son Ayden Olson, 14, was found dead at his home in March.

It is alleged he was bullied at Philip Morant School and College in Colchester.

Priti Patel, MP for Witham, said she wanted the way Ayden’s family had been treated before and after his death to be looked into.

She said she wanted to make sure everything possible had been done to help the family.

Ms Patel said: “Shy Keenan and her family have faced an extremely distressing and serious set of circumstances.

“I am continuing to support the family and make representations to various agencies on their behalf.

“I am making enquires to the Secretary of State for Education about the establishment of an independent review into the way the authorities have handled their case and while enquiries are ongoing it would not be appropriate to comment further at this time.”

Ms Patel wants the involvement of Essex County Council and Philip Morant School and College, where Ayden attended, to be looked into.

A pre-inquest hearing into Ayden’s death is due to be heard next week.

Rob James, acting headteacher at Philip Morant School and College, said: “The focus of all parties needs to remains on, first and foremost, supporting the family at this difficult time and also being available to ensure the Coroner gets all the information she needs.

“It is, of course, correct that Ms Patel is acting on behalf of her constituents but we were extremely surprised to hear, via the media, that she has felt the need – without speaking with all of the other parties involved to gain a full understanding of the history of this ongoing, very sad and complicated situation - to suggest another enquiry.

“There is already an independent review of this case, being run by Her Majesty’s Coroner, with whom all parties are fully co-operating.

“If there needs to be another enquiry, the Coroner – who is fully conversant with the facts - will suggest this.”

An Essex County Council spokesperson said: “The council has met with Ms Keenan and is in on-going direct communication with her, we will continue to correspond with her individually.”

They refused to say anything further as they said it would breach confidentiality.