A SMALLHOLDING is celebrating the not so sweet smell of success after its alpaca manure has been selling by the bag load.

Partners Debbie Amos and Vicky Simms who sell the feisty fertiliser from Boxted’s Orchard Farm say its rich blend of nutrients mean it acts like “nuggets of gold for gardeners”.

Ms Amos, 39, said they tried the dung on their own vegetables and discovered its power.

“We started selling it in spring and we had used it all over the winter and stuff started going a bit wild.

“I thought I would bag some of it up and put it outside and see how it goes.

“People have spoken to us who use it on their allotments and say they are three weeks ahead of those with horse manure.”

Bags of the manure are being sold outside the Straight Road farm for £1 each.

Ms Amos said one customer even bought ten in one go.

“Apparently the manure has got the highest nitrogen, phosphates, phosphoric acid, potash and micro-nutrients. By comparison to other animal composts in what it contains, it is the best.”

Aplacas have three stomachs which also means their diet of grass, hay and a muesli-like supplement, is well digested and doesn’t need rotting down like other manures.

Unlike other composts, it doesn’t burn when laid onto plants as it has a lower organic content.