FEARS a road will be used as a “rat run” have been voiced after highways bosses allegedly reneged on an agreement.

Martin Goss, Colchester councillor for Mile End ward, said Essex County Council had pledged to install a camera at the entrance to a new housing development off Mill Road.

It is on part of the former Severalls Hospital site.

Mr Goss said it was hoped the camera would act as a deterrent for motorists trying to use the road, which will be intended for buses.

He recently learned the council was not going to put a camera there.
Mr Goss now fears motorists will not only cut through the development but more traffic will be added to Mill Road too.

He said: “Paperwork in the original planning application said a bus gate had to be put in, resembling the one in Nayland Road, which has a bus gate.
“The whole network of Severalls will jam up and that, and Mill Road will be used as a rat run.

“Essex County Council have shafted Mill Road again.

“All the development will have for protection is a couple of signs saying don’t drive down it and will have no enforcement.
“They think police will be able to keep an eye on it but they don’t have those kind of resources - the council is living in cloud cuckoo land.”

An Essex County Council spokesperson said: “The Planning Notice does not state that a camera should be provided. A camera as a restriction method was not agreed and the developer has complied with the terms of the Planning Notice regarding Mill Road.”