WHEN people go on holiday those left behind often feel disgruntled.

So when his owners flew off to sun themselves in Egypt, Gnorman the Gnome decided to go off on his own adventures - with a little help from his neighbours.

The three-foot ornament has been enjoying days out at Clacton Pier and Buckingham Palace.

He has also tried his hand at flying a plane, driving a dust cart and floristry.

Gnorman first moved to Alresford in February and enjoyed waving to his new neighbours from his front garden.

But it appeared the residents didn’t feel the same way and sent him packing when owners Stef and Darren Coham took a well-deserved break.

One of the residents said: “Every morning it sits there waving at the street. I hate it. But it’s kind of grown on me now.”

The resident, who helped Gnorman on his way by inviting him over for a barbecue the first day his owners left, said: “Gnorman was really upset when they went on holiday so he decided to have a holiday of his own."

Mrs and Mrs Coham were not aware Gnorman had gone away until they noticed he had popped up on Facebook.

He has been keeping a record of his antics by posting photos of where he has been.

But Gnorman does not seem too keen to give up his newfound freedom so quickly.

The resident added: “He wants to carry on with his antics so he’s told them he’ll come home if he can still have his independence, which they have promised."

To catch up with Gnorman’s adventures visit facebook.com/#!/gnomeontour.coham