In today's Gazette: A cyclist is fighting for his life after plunging 20 ft into a subway.

The man, who is thought to be in his seventies, went over the barrier at Southway, Colchester - a replica of an accident at the same site in 2010.

* An author believes he has uncovered evidence Adolf Hitler murdered his half-niece - perhaps changing the course of history forever.

Colchester writer Michael Dean, 63, looked into the death while writing his novel the Crooked Cross and believes Hitler should have been jailed for the murder three years before he became dictator of Nazi Germany.

* An open verdict was recorded on the death of a baby boy who had a rare genetic syndrome.

Joshua Dench, of Clacton, was only seven weeks old when he tragically died.

* Tributes have been paid to a 14-year-old student of Philip Morant School in Colchester.

Ayden Olsen, the beloved son of campaigner Shy Keenan, was described as a much-loved and talented teenager.

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