SCOUTS have suffered a set back to their bid for a new hut.

Members of 34 Colchester Scouts arrived at their headquarters to find their new fence panels laid out and the foundations stolen.

Chairman Spencer Greystrong said it was going to cost them £400 to replace.

It means the group have had to put their fundraising for a new scout hut on hold.

Mr Greystrong said: “They have carefully lifted all the fence panels out, broken the concrete posts and stolen the gravel board as well.

“Someone clearly had a job to put a fence up somewhere and rather than buying one they stole ours instead.

“We are saving for a new scout hut. It's another £400 we won't be able to use.”

The group are  no longer able to play outdoors because the fence separated them from the busy road.

Mr Greystrong said: “I am intensely annoyed.

“The materials would only have cost them £100. We now have to get a contractor to put a new one up for us.

“It was clearly some cowboy who was doing a job for cash.

“I have never heard of someone nicking a fence that had already been put up before.”

The fence was stolen from Shrub End Road, Colchester, some time between Sunday January 27 and Monday January 28.

If you have any information call Essex Police on 101.