THE biggest boyband in the world have former Colchester schoolgirl Fiona Bevan to thank for their latest success.

One Directions’ new single Little Things, which the singer-songwriter penned with pal Ed Sheeran, topped the UK singles charts for last week.

Fiona, who was educated at Colchester County High School for Girls, and Sheeran recorded the tune onto his mobile phone five years ago, which he promptly lost.

Earlier this year Fiona discovered it and sent it to the Suffolk star, who was working with One Direction.

He pitched it to the band, and within weeks it was recorded and released as the second single on new album Take Me Home.

Fiona said: “I’m ecstatic. It’s going to be mad for a little while.

“The band is really happy - Harry Stiles Tweeted me saying thankyou and congratulations and Ed did as well.”

“I think the song really touched a lot of people.

“There’s so much pressure to look a certain way, and the song is about loving yourself and loving others for their imperfections.”

Next year Fiona plans to record her own EP and possibly an album. She will also see songs written with jazz star Gwyneth Herbert released.

She added: “As a songwriter I think it has put me on the map. I’ve already got more co-writes with people lined up and that’s really going to help.”