For many, the new year signifies fresh starts, a chance to begin again. This can often include New Year’s resolutions.

January 1st comes around, the same as every year. You think to yourself, ‘what am I going to change about my lifestyle/ myself this year?’ You set a mental goal: ‘I’m going to cut down on sugary foods.’ Or perhaps, ‘I am going to make sure to surround myself with only those who make me feel good.’ But why is it that we are so obsessed with waiting until the new year to start or change something? Surely if we are that desperate and motivated, our goals shouldn’t be restrained by time?

I spoke to Ruth Mooney of RevivedbyRuby on Etsy and Instagram, an artist and firm believer in self-kindness. ‘People have this idea of starting afresh, so I guess a New Year is like an ultimate new beginning. The idea of leaving everything behind in the old year is appealing,’ she stated, in response to why it is so popular to wait until January 1st to make resolutions. However, like myself, Ruby is not partaking in having a typical New Year’s resolution for 2022. For Ruby, self-care is the most important resolution one can make. ‘Most ideas of resolutions come from society or media pressures to be a certain way. Who says these things make you happy, or are achievable? We should be nurturing and protecting ourselves against unnecessary stress.’

After a tough year, this message is more important than ever. Who knows what 2022 will bring? Instead of forcing yourself to treat January 1st as a new start and a time to change your lifestyle, try viewing it as a time to reflect on yourself positively. After all, why wait until New Year’s Day to make a change if it’s that important to you?