Recently, Nisa Local has opened in West Bergholt - taking the place where the longlasting Ash’s used to be. After years of reliable shopping at Ash’s, Nisa Local had big shoes to fill in the eyes of the customer, and judging by the community response, they’ve certainly managed it. 


Nisa Local is owned by the Co-Op, with one of their stores conveniently around the corner from CO6 3JU - the postcode of the new Nisa Local. Inside, it has been completely refurbished to have a sleek grey aesthetic, setting itself distinct from its predecessor. The prices tend to be similar to the Co-Op nearby; brilliant for any shopper who finds one shop to be too busy when they want to go there. One marketing aspect used is their new product: the Tango Ice Blast, advertised on a poster in the shop, and not readily available in West Bergholt before this.


Despite their well-supported start of business in West Bergholt, the shop is still looking for ways to set itself apart from any nearby competition, as there is anecdotal evidence to say that an ice cream machine is soon to be acquired. This is fantastic news to any ice cream aficionado of the town. 


Speaking to Luke Lockyer, a recent customer of Nisa Local, he described his experience as “positive”, with “friendly staff” and a “clean store”. The Facebook pages have many customers sharing similar beliefs in the comment sections, happy to see a new shop in the area. One well-praised part of the shop is its opening times, being available from 6AM to 10PM every day. This is superb for people who want to buy lunch on their way to work, or need to buy something after work when the Co-Op may be busy or shut. 


Suffice to say, the introduction of Nisa Local has been great for many people, and as much as Ash’s Convenience Store will be missed, it’s a pleasure to say that their successor is a stellar shop too.