100% is a small business made up of seven students with hopes of making a difference in the world! Their key product is beautiful,handmade clocks created using recycled items such as old records,CDs,DVDs and scooter wheels.

When speaking to the Managing Director of 100% (Jake Reeve) he told me that "As a group we set out to create products which can reduce the carbon footprint and raise eco awareness".This amazing idea sparked as part of the Young Enterprise scheme: A charity which provides the oppurtunity to build your CV and skills for the future.The national programme has allowed the business to participate in a Christmas trade fair at The Meadow's shoppping centre where they won the award for best trade stand- an astounding achievement for people of such a young age.100%'s stand was crowded with a lengthy que of intrigued customers ready to support their cause and buy one of their amazing products!

100%'s eco-aware mindset is reinforced into their slogan 'never too late too change' and when talking to Josh McCoy (the Finance Manager of 100%) he said that this oppurtunity to create these recyclable products means that he has "learned to be more careful with our actions as we are polluting the earth". It is clear to see that the members of 100% feel passionately about their aim and hope to truly make a difference with their products.

Along with their wonderful handmade clocks which range from £4-£10, 100% also sells masks(£3), Tshirts(£5) and bottles (£6.50-£7.50) which can either be custom or showcase the 100% logo to show your support of their business.

If you are interested in supporting 100%, more information on the team and their products can be found at Justintime100.ml or their instagram 100percent12.