Bruce Watson is well-versed to long hours on the road, although the problem lies in what band he’s performing with these days.

“Between Big Country and The Skids, I’m getting a bit confused as to who I’m playing with and when,” he jokes.

“It’s quite natural for me now. It’s funny as one night I’m with Big Country then the next night it’s The Skids. Then some nights it’s both – it’s all good! I’ve been doing it for so long now that it’s become the norm for me. It’s the same with touring.”

Formed in Dunfermline more than 35 years ago by Bruce and the late Stuart Adamson, Big Country enjoyed a string of hits in the Eighties and have retained a cult following in the years since.

The band’s music became recognisable for mixing Scottish folk with powerful, guitar-driven sounds.

Their biggest hits include Fields Of Fire, which reached the UK’s top ten, and In a Big Country, which was a top 20 hit in both the UK and the USA.

Gazette: Frontman and founder - Stuart Adamson

Tragically, lead singer Stuart was found dead in a hotel room in Hawaii in 2001 but the band remain one of Scotland’s most popular touring acts.

“People still want to hear the first three albums,” Bruce adds, “the big ones, and as long as they’re willing to support us, we’re willing to play for them.”

“We’re getting a good mix of people in. You’ve got the fans who have been there since day one, now in their 50s, standing beside people who weren’t born when we started.

“You still see the same faces which is always great. They’ve had the same warmth and affection from the start.

“It means a lot to all of us.”

Gazette: Big Country.

A Colchester Arts Centre Fundraiser, and with a line-up that is made from Mark Brzezicki (Drums), Bruce Watson (Guitar), Jamie Watson (Guitar), Simon Hough (Vocals), and Scott Whitley (Bass), Big Country are at the Church Street venue later this month on February 23.

Doors open at 7.30pm and tickets are £25, from 01206 500900 or on-line at