Love Island viewers were miffed when Amber Gill started her date with newcomer Danny Williams by telling him he looked old.

Amber was invited on a date by Williams and had barely sat down in her seat when she asked him his age.

Visibly shocked when Danny said he was 21, Amber told him: “You look really old.”

It was not the first time age had come up for the 21-year-old beauty therapist.

She got off to a rocky start with viewers after she branded her first love match Callum old at 28.

Fans of the programme posted plenty of messages online reacting to Gill’s latest comment.

“Amber is too much for me this girl is always calling people old,” one person said on Twitter.

“Actually starting to think ‘you look really old’ is amber’s way of making a move,” said another.

One viewer tweeted: “Amber surely knows she’s being rude? Does she think it’s funny?

“Who opens a conversation with ‘I’m fine thanks, so how old are you?’ Why is she obsessed with age.”

Love Island, hosted by Caroline Flack, continues on ITV2.