Bafta winners Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz have been hailed as LGBT heroes after proclaiming their support for the community on the red carpet before Sunday’s awards show.

Twitter user @lgbtdisney, a 19-year-old called Grace from Liverpool, asked the pair to voice their support into a camera outside the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday night before they were both commended for their roles as lovers in period drama The Favourite.

“Rachel and Olivia are so lovely and I love their friendship,” Grace told the Press Association.

“What gave me the idea was because Rachel always talks about kissing Olivia with such joy.”

The videos have  been shared thousands of times across the social network.

Weisz didn’t initially realise the quote was for a video but came back to take part, said Grace.

She continued: “Olivia followed closely behind and Rachel was all giddy telling Olivia about the gay rights video I had her do. Then I asked Olivia if she would too and she was super excited to do so.

“I was expecting the video to go around but I didn’t expect it to go this far.

“I’m so happy reading all the replies from fans about it being excited over it just as much as I am.”

Hundreds of Twitter users praised the actors as well as @lgbtdisney for standing up for gay rights.

The Favourite, in which royal courtiers Weisz and Emma Stone compete for the affections of Colman’s Queen Anne, picked up seven Baftas including best British film, as well as accolades for its writing and design.

The film is nominated for six Oscars as well as outstanding film at the GLAAD Media awards, which honour the best representations of the LGBT community in film and television.