I have been waiting for Sniper Elite 4 on PC for ages - it's the only way to play this.

The first one was a bit meh, but they have been improving ever since, this is brilliant and can be downloaded from Steam.

Sniper Elite 4 is about being a sniper, obvious. But it's where it is all being done that makes the difference and how well the product plays.

Italy is the location this time, and the game plays really well. The AI is a little sharper this time round, but really the best improvement is the crouch sprint sort of thing.

The normal movement in crouch seems slower than it was before giving Nazi enemies ample time to turn around and catch you at it.

And of course, let's not forget the humungous maps each chapter has - they are big, and that could put some off but for me, they can't get big enough.

Auto saves happen too which saves you the trouble - you can still save yourself. It's a nightmare when it decides to save just as an armoured car appears and spots you and you can just hide behind a tree.

The X-ray kill cam is still there and is a little more graphic but still gets a 16 rating in the UK.

You need to be patients playing this - charging in all guns blazing will only work if you are lucky. I am typing this now to let everything calm down again across the Sniper Elite 4 forest I am in.

There are still what appear to be glitches - my man had trouble getting over a rock and sleeping bag while in crouch.

The explosions are good, the maps are brilliant and the game play top notch. I am on my second play through already - lots and lots of paths, many ways to finish Sniper Elite 4.

The jobs are pretty much what you'd expect - blow stuff up, carry out assassinations, get documents, and so on.

You will have to contend with rifle ranging this time, and even wind, but you will get used to all that very fast - it doesn't get in the way.

I am not going to go on to details - that will ruin it, but I will give you your orders... buy it now and have a great time.