Titanfall is a game that promises much and pretty much makes good on everything.

Now the sequel is out, and we have been giving it a shot on the Xbox One and are pretty darn pleased with ourselves.

There is decent single player campaign as Jack Cooper who wants to move up the ranks, and as him, we make sure that happens.

Mobility is the big thing in this game, and vertical walls remain no obstacle thanks to some sticky glue on our feet. OK, it's actually more sciency than that, but you get the idea.

Once more, the Titans are big robots that that squish enemy foot soldiers under its, erm, feet.

Or shoot them. This is fairly standard sci-fi stuff so if you are not in to that sort of thing, this is perhaps not the game for you. 

Save a city, save a soldier, save a world. You know the drill by now.

But it is the online stuff is where players usually head for, and this is just as manic as the first one.

Subtle sneaking around is a tactic, but with a robot this size and the ability to do huge jumps around the maps, that is what you are going to be doing.

There are six all new Titans, expanded Pilot abilities, more weapons, brand new modes, and expertly crafted maps, says the developers. And they are right.

It looks stunning and to be honest, it is going to take more than a few attempts to start mastering everything you are able to do.

As always, know which weapon and attack combo is needed against your opponent for the best results.

There are some big guns, little guns, some sophisticated melee and those super high, super long jet jumps that really set this game apart.

As someone who hates the so-called rabbit jumps of the Call of Duty style game, I thought I would hate this, but in truth, you need to perfect your skills just to stay in it. So, learn, and learn fast.

There is an all-new Progression system to increase some depth to the experience, and the fact that all post-launch maps, modes, and weapon will be free.

That means Titanfall 2 is designed to keep the community engaged and fighting on The Frontier.

Start slow with small matches and work your way up. Don't give in, and persevere. That is all that's needed to finally get to grips with this all new Titanfall.