Take a nostalgic trip back to Albion and step into the shoes of the hero that can be moulded for good or evil. I first played Fable in 2004 on the original Xbox and was mesmerised by it. I sunk so many hours of my life into playing this classic RPG. I became hooked. 

And now it’s on PC via Steam.

Fable Anniversary is a remake of the same game but has had a whole graphical overhaul thanks to the Unreal 3.0 engine.

Fable starts off in the small village of Oakvale where you first meet the protagonist of the game and his family. After a short introduction and tutorial, Oakvale is burned and your adventure as a hero starts there.

Fabile Anniversary focuses on your actions throughout the game. Be a good guy and you glow with an angelic light and people in the many towns will cheer on your arrival. Be the bad guy and you grow horns, emit smoke and people will run and cower at the sight of you.

You’d grow muscular or fat depending on your game style. You’d scar if you get knocked down and age throughout the story. Fable Anniversary is a very special RPG, but for nostalgic purposes, which brings me onto my next point.

Fable Anniversary has made a great game look good, but it also shows that the game hasn’t worn very well. The simplistic design of RPG elements unfortunately do not compare against modern day RPGs.

The control system if fiddly if using a mouse and keyboard, and the auto aim can see you target all but the enemy in hand. If you’re playing with a games controller however, the mapping of buttons have been heavily improved. Maybe there will be an update to follow?

Fable in my eves was a classic. Fable Anniversary is a brilliant remake even if it doesn’t quite match what’s on the market today. I would definitely recommend it any of you hardcore Fable fans out there. Steam is asking £25 to £30.