I finished Sniper Elite 3 and the new Wolfenstein games recently – brilliant stuff. But they didn’t take very long. Long enough I would say, but then it’s claimed Tales of Xillia 2 will take something like 40 hours plus to get through.

So it had better be good, and lucky for all of us, it is!

Obviously a sequel of a role playing game that did very well, so lots is expected from this one. And it really does live up to expectations.

It is not a simple rehash, but does contain similar and familiar sections, but what do you expect from a sequel, set a year after the initial outing.

I would recommend you play that first to really get into the myriad of characters and what they are up to.

There is plenty of sword and sorcery here, which is not my ideal genre, but this was also plenty of fun.

There are puzzles, paths and beasties getting in the way. It is a good pattern that will do well and it is very Japanese – with some time travel.

And of course, being Japanese, there are 50 million menus with another 100 million options. OK, so a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea, and will know all about it if you have played this style of game before.

Naturally, it all boils down to doing away with the baddies, but you have some options to link with other characters for even more variety. Avoid if you are not a fan of micro-managing your battles and a ton of stats from each fight.