So, WWII didn’t quite go to plan. And the New Order of Nazis now running the world have a secret formula for concrete and the ability to make giant robots to duff up what’s left of the free world.

But then there’s Captain B.J. Blazkowicz, American of course, who is there to save us all. Yay.

We join this astonishingly fun game towards of WWII, and we are doing OK.  You know this is fantasy already seeing some of the hardware already on the battlefield, not that you have any of it, at least at this stage.

After storming a castle, how apt considering this gaming series, our war hero cops some shrapnel to the head putting him in a coma until 1960.

He wakes to find his side lost the war badly, and what’s left is pretty much hell, unless you sympathise with the winners, which of course, no one will.

With just a few mates, you play Blasky to rid the world of the Nazi scum, one battle at a time.

You get to go underwater, on the moon, in big bases, small bases, houses, just about everywhere. Nice, and a nod to the success of the Call of Duty franchise.

But I am happier with this one – the enemies don’t keep continuously spawning at the same spot until push forward to over run it. You can pick a path – and even decide to play in a stealthy way, blast everything in sight with mad rushes, or take your time doing a bit of both.

I blew through this game because I couldn’t stay away. 

At this price point, any fan of first person shooters would be insane not to have this in their library.

Story wise, it’s all been done before, of course, but this is such a blast.