There is a lot to love about this racing game. I had one major issue, but a search of the web sorted it all – update the drivers to my Momo wheel and I could adjust the dead zone. Makes driving sooo much easier.

And away I went. This is a fun game to get in to.

The races are intense, and you are allowed to qualify, so are not automatically relegated to the back of the grid every darn race.

There are some that stick you at the back, for the fun of it. But with some racing games, the events are so short, it’s simply a crash fest to get at the front. Nothing to do with racing. So kudos for avoiding that here.

It’s out on the consoles too, but you need a wheel to drive a car. A joystick just doesn’t cut it.

There are two major new multiplayer features powered by RaceNet, the free million-member online community hub from Codemasters

Players can form their own Racing Clubs and compete in clan-style competition.

So, in the game there are Endurance Racing in GT cars, Street Racing, Touring Cars, Open-Wheel, Tuners including drifting, and even a Demolition Derby at Detroit, which I have not done yet.

Work your way through, get points, win championships, all the usual stuff.

But it’s the control system that makes or breaks a game like this, and now I have my wheel and pedals sorted, I can confirm it’s great. Take off the annoying driver aids, and you are away. The wheel could go a little heavier, and understeer can be overcome with a squeeze on the gas.

It may not be a full on sim, but it’s way good enough – especially as this price.