I loved Diablo 3 no matter what some say about loot drops. Diablo is a point and click game. It sees you franticly clicking on everything on the screen like a virtual piñata. Without loot to brag about, it’s boring and samey. Now the reason the original Diablo 3 release was slated was because of its loot. There wasn’t enough of it. Reaper of Souls has fixed this with their new Loot 2.0 update.

Blizzard has even generously given this update to players of Diablo 3. They do not need to pay their £30 or so pounds to take advantage of it.

Saying that, RoS isn’t just about loot. There is a brand new class to play. A Crusader is a breed of holy warrior that wields a huge sword and shield backed up by what I see as God-like magic to destroy the enemies. It’s fun to play, and the right build can see you sweep through the hordes of enemies that fly at you.

Alongside the new class comes the Adventure mode. It unlocks all waypoints for you so you can play the game how you want to play it. You no longer have to play the campaign through each time you start a new character. You can farm as your own pace, anywhere on the map. All difficulty settings are unlocked too for that harder challenge.

Even in Adventure mode you can give the game a bit of direction with the new Bounty quests. These can range from clearing a dungeon, killing unique enemies, taking down a boss or completing Last Stand type events.

The last type of quest available is the Nephalem Rifts. These are completely random dungeons. The layout, the enemies, the tile sets, the setting, the bosses, even the weather system. The list goes on. Blizzard is calling these loot runs, and have been designed to be completed within a 15 minute timeframe. Interesting, especially when you get a full group together to take these on. Again, difficulty levels are unlocked for your choosing.

Even though I loved playing through Diablo 3, with this new release I can now see why people weren’t so keen. Reaper of Souls is definitely worth a look, especially if you were one of the players who gave up on vanilla Diablo 3. This new expansion is what Diablo 3 should have been, and I again am thoroughly enjoying it.