It’s clever how some developers come up with names for their games. In this case, it’s dead simple. A Titan is a big robot thing you can get inside and do battle with.

And they fall from the sky. So, Titanfall. Wonder if they considered alternatives like Titanfalling, or Tumble Titans, or perhaps “Oh, here at long last is my Titan falling to Earth so I can get on with this battle”?

And battle you do. This is a great game, especially on multiplayer, which of course this one is. Even the campaign is done with the help of other people around the world.

On the PC at least, it looks sensational. You may need a bit of a beast to run it, but it’s well worth the investment.

After you have ‘won’ your Titan, mark the spot you want it to be delivered to, and bingo, there it lands, with some great sound effects.

Now here is the clever part. You can get in, or make it follow your fighting orders while hiding. Good stuff.

The fights are manic – not much subtlety here, unless you want to be super sneaky.

You have the ability to make huge jumps, and even double jumps to almost everywhere is accessible. Upgrades, customisations, they are all here.

If you like a futuristic shooter, this has to be in your collection.