It’s has finally arrived – a South Park game that fans of the bizarre TV show will actually enjoy.

Previous titles have been, shall we say, a tad lacking. But this is brilliant, and is so irreverent that even non South Park fans could enjoy it.

It’s described as “an epic quest to become … cool”. And anyone who plays it will instantly get that title, just by playing it.

Cartman, Kenny and the gang set out on a twisted, warped, crazy adventure that really ensure it earns that 18 rating. It even has a sex warning, so don’t worry about that too much – there is plenty of other stuff too.

Satire, weirdness, but many will be asking if it’s any good. Short answer is yes. Long answer is Yeeeessss.

It is a roll playing game, of course, where some mystical powers and daft hats are needed.

Some stats – the show has been running 17 years. SEVENTEEN – so some players will have been toddlers when it initially emerged. And this game is set to last about 14 or 15 hours, but you do get to design your own character to be the ‘new boy’.

The game is mental, but ensure you are 18 before you play – wouldn’t want to corrupt anyone out there. Don’t expect world leading graphics, but they you have seen the show, haven’t you?