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DESPITE being away from the town centre’s hustle and bustle, the Warehouse was still packed with diners on the Friday evening we visited.

Our decision to go there was based on the good reputation it’s built up since opening a couple of years ago so we were hoping not to be disappointed.

We were seated in the upstairs area of the lofty venue, which provided the ideal spot to sneak a peek at others’ food choices to help us inform our own.

For the starter, my husband and I thought the platter for two offered a great selection of a little bit of everything we like – cheesy garlic bread, gigantic onion rings, chicken wings and ribs.

And at just under a tenner it worked out as great value given the quantity of food there was.

An equally as delicious sounding alternative was the smoked seafood-based platter including salmon, mackerel and prawns, while there were other options like soup, terrine and salads.

I was pleased to have opted for a lighter main meal despite the mouthwatering selection of steaks and burgers the brasserie prides itself on.

While meat for a manly appetite was in abundance on the menu there were lots of other options like beer battered cod and chips, a variety of skewers served with salad and fries, and pasta.

I was attracted to the original sounding combination of halloumi cheese and vegetables on a skewer; my only criticism being I couldn’t manage many of the perfectly cooked potato wedges served with it.

Both main meals met our expectations but didn’t exceed them given the prices.

Dessert for me was disappointing. The sound of cherries and flapjack in a pudding sounded great but didn’t deliver.

What I was served tasted like a knickerbocker glory, comprising a sickly cherry goo, distinctly lacking in flapjack!

My husband’s chocolate sponge would have been the better choice with its lovely chocolaty sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Both were a satisfactory conclusion to our meals but still didn’t meet the bar raised by the starter – definitely the highlight.

The service was however, faultless, and waiting staff were unflappable.

We’ll go back for more next time we feel we can justify the indulgence.