Edinburgh Camera Obscura- a great tourist destination

Just before you get to the entrance to Edinburgh castle you can find the attraction of the famous Camera Obscura. This attraction is a five story building containing the famous Camera Obscura along with a vast array of different optical illusions. The Camera Obscura is an old, but great way of viewing the historic city from an amazing viewpoint. This attraction can be found in Edinburgh city centre and is a great attraction for any visitor with its close proximity to Edinburgh castle and the Royal Mile. 


The room that houses the Camera Obscura is small and can snugly fit 15-20 people inside. There is a member of staff inside who works the Camera Obscura and provides the commentary. To begin the lights are dimmed so that we are in darkness, this makes sure that the camera works to its best ability. On a sunny bright day, the camera works at its best in full colour!  We are told how the camera functions with a mirror at an angle reflecting the light into the room. From there we have a pit stop tour of the city. Many famous landmarks are able to be seen from this tiny device. As we are spun around the city the camera rotates meaning that everyone in the room is able to see part of the city the right way up. You can see from the banks of the Firth of Forth across the old city and into the new city and back again. The only thing you are unable to see is Aurthur’s seat which is blocked by The Hub building formerly known as St. Johns Highland Tolbooth Kirk.


As you continue the tour around the rest of the building there are many interactive attractions to see. These are all kinds of different forms of optical illusions. There are so many things to see that trick the mind. These include the traditional fairground style distortion mirrors and stereoscopes well as many obscure and fun interactive areas messing with perspectives. 


Overall, the Camera Obscura is a brilliant place to go for the morning or afternoon in Edinburgh. The location is in the city centre and is very easy to get to. ‘Despite it being quite expensive, Edinburgh is well worth a visit’ says Teddy, a visitor to the city. Just make sure if you want to see the camera working that you go on a sunny day, if it is overcast a video of the sights from the Camera can be seen as well as the plethora of other visual treats this attraction offers.