From the 20th of January, a new exhibition opened in the Firstsite art gallery in the heart of Colchester. Featuring artworks created from over the last decade by more than twenty-five artists with additional needs, the exhibition ‘Sunshine Coast,’ highlights the work formed from having the ability to express their creativity in any way they chose. 


This can be seen through a range of media and art styles, such as abstract works and watercolours, as well as through various topics of their choice. These include Marvel, East Anglia landscapes, motor engines, television shows such as Eastenders, fashion magazine models and recreations of famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci incorporating their own twist. This mixture of focuses ensures that the viewer will be able to find something that they find particularly striking, which is especially important as these paintings are available for purchase, with the funds being used to support The Dacon Trust. More information about this can be found within the Firstsite building with a member of staff.

Firstsite showcases artworks from a variety of different backgrounds throughout the year, most without costing a penny. (Freya Gallagher, 17)

The Dacon Trust is a company that provides work skills for adults that have disabilities. 'Level Best’ was established by The Dacon Trust and is more focused around community activities, as well as catering for young people. 


This exhibition will be available to the public until the 10th of March 2024, and does not cost to view. Firstsite is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10am-5pm, and until 10pm Thursday-Saturday.