Fashion, the one thing that everyone's involved in whether you know it or not. Everybody has a fashion sense, it's about the clothes you wear, how you convey yourself and the identity shared by each individuals style. Clothes are one of the first things you notice about someone, it's an insight towards someone's personality, or could it share part of a persons current life events. Fashion is what we use to represent ourselves, it's our identity. Everyone craves an identity especially young individuals, so do you use fashion as a way of portraying your identity? Fashion is a massive topic in society and people should appreciate the expression fashion brings.

How has fashion evolved as a method of expression? Through the reflection of beliefs, values, economics, art and the overall individuality of each persons clothing. Although fashion contributes to who we are, it also revolves around stereotypes. The division between how a man dresses and how women should dress, only recently has it become normalised for women to wear suits and for it be seen as fashionable. Through the development of our inclusive society, there is less harshness on the placement of stereotypes, and what people should wear or what is seen to be acceptable. Consequently there will always be stereotypes within the fashion community, especially regarding how women should dress. Why is this? 

One concept is how some bolder colours of clothing can bring more energy, whereas softer colours convey a more quieter and delicate feel. Would you consider wearing bold colours like red, orange or yellow? One idea to consider is whether bolder colours can help characterise yourself with more confidence. Although another purpose of colours are about portraying certain emotions, for example red can portray love or anger, whereas yellow can present more brightness and happiness. Fashion is a way of making a statement, did you subconsciously choose a colour to wear due to a certain mood you're in, or is it to help you feel more confident?