As a new driver taking on the roads it comes with excitement, independence, and a new allegiance of freedom. Gaining new opportunities to travel and acquire new experiences. Driving comes with many advantages especially for us young people, our first taste of adulthood. The joint freedom shared with the predicted 1.3 million new drivers to hit the Britain roads this year. Is it difficult to learn the real way to the roads?

The forgotten truth of the roads, the impatient drivers honking or stalling the car even after you've passed your test. Is this normal? Yes, it's completely normal although the new independence is exhilarating it still means you need full concentration. Being on the road alone is not easy, it brings all kinds of nervous situations. Even though these experiences can feel embarrassing they create amazing funny stories to tell people. Some of my funniest stories come from driving, each laugh in the car is worth it. One of my funniest stories was when I went to fill my car up with petrol for the first time alone, we all know where this story is ending. It ended in a trustworthy phone call to my dad, which also led to a loud announcement on the tannoid. As I thought I had done a splendid job of filling the car up with £60 of fuel, instead it actually said £6. In honest truth, the appalling help from all the people in the petrol station was abysmal, even if it did fabricate a hilarious story. Is this what true independence looks like?

Independence. The one thing all young people want, including me. Is driving the new independence? It has led to many advantages of freely making plans and going into town. But the unspoken tiring truth of being the new taxi driver, the expense of a car, time and the pure focus on the road. Often driving is fun and exciting, but the first week of emotions often leaves you feeling over tired. Although it also comes with freedom, more socialising and new life of easiness. Even so, it always comes with an expense the rising prices of fuel leaves all young people breaking through their pay packages quickly. So the new liberty of life also comes with some drawbacks, but as a young person this new taste of air is worth it.