For two days only, Comberton Village College and Sixth Form will be performing the teen version of SIX. Book your tickets now to see this incredible performance on the 17th and 18th of November.

SIX tells the story of Henry VIII’s six wives in a modernised concert. First premiering in 2017, the musical has quickly spread to worldwide fame, with tours across the UK, America and Australia.

Following the release of SIX: Teen Edition, schools can put on their own performance of the hit show, and Comberton Village College is one school who gladly took the opportunity. Following the start of rehearsals in September, the cast is excited to share their work with fans of the musical.

“Six is an incredibly fun uplifting show that many people of very different ages will enjoy. We have all worked really hard together to create this piece of theatre over a very short period and we think that it should hopefully be a joy to watch.” Said Naomi Mallabone, who plays Jane Seymour, when asked about the show.

Working together in a close space will often help to bring people together, and things have been no different with this cast.

“I have become incredibly close to the cast and crew. They are the most lovely group of kind, talented, hardworking people.”

While planning and rehearsing for their performance, the cast received a visit from singer/songwriter Vicki Manser, who performed as an alternate in the UK tour of SIX back in 2019. Manser worked with them during one of their rehearsals, and it was a moment none of the cats will ever forget.

After weeks of planning and rehearsing, the cast and crew are almost ready to share their performance. With only days left until they go out on stage, they are excited to share what they have worked so hard on with their audience.