Being a teen can be quite confusing sometimes as were stuck between adulthood and childhood. Floating between the two can make it hard to find age-appropriate activities so here’s 5 places I would recommend to anyone who needs inspiring:


Starting off with one of my favourite locations, London. London is a very welcoming host with a variety of different activities that can appeal to everyone. Personally, one of my favourite things about London is the markets. There are markets dotted all around London ranging from flower stalls at Colombia Road market to clothing and desert stalls in Brick Lane, every need can be met. Camden market is a perfect example of a market that suits everybody; they have the most AMAZING food stalls so I’d recommend going on an empty stomach so that you can fill up on their luscious food. 


Going to the cinema – Now it may sound basic but when it’s a rainy day there’s nothing better than going to watch a film with a friend or family member. But not at any cinema, Everyman cinema. Everyman is considered a ‘boujee’ cinema compared to others, providing sofas as well as food and drink in the cinema! Being waited on at your allocated sofa allows you to kick back and relax as if you were at home. 


Day trip to the beach – This is a classic summertime activity that can’t be forgotten. Getting the train to Frinton is such a cool activity to do with friends as you can be completely independent and its also relatively cheap.  Frinton has a beautiful beach that connects to Walton pier which is a great place to let your inner child out.




These ideas are only a few of the many things that you can do in summer. Get out, enjoy the weather and be safe!