A new coffee shop called Coffee Hog has opened in the heart of the Prettygate community, providing the first coffee shop in Prettygate, with a fun play area for children making it the perfect place for parents to come to.  


In and around Colchester, there has been a number of new coffee shops opening. Coffee Hog has now not only one but two coffee shops in the suburbs of the town - with the first one in Berechurch opening in 2019 and now the Prettygate one which has only recently opened this year on the 24th of September.


On the day I visited, even though it was raining heavily outside, once I stepped into the coffee shop the greyness of the day was soon forgotten by the convivial atmosphere. Interior decor with a botanical theme lifted the walls and complemented the wood tables creating a natural look. It was spacious and light with plenty of seating and even some comfortable sofas for a homely touch. From the extensive menu, I picked a mozzarella panini which was very appetising. It was certainly a relaxing experience, eating my lunch on the couch with the gentle chatter of people that were heartily tucking in to their food. 


Why was this particular location attractive? According to the manager, Josh Dalziel, ‘the location picks itself as there wasn’t anything within a 5 mile radius. So, it was an obvious choice to pick an out-of-town location. Furthermore, it’s the perfect place to quickly take a break, with the manager calling it a ‘respite’ . Young parents will be particularly drawn to this coffee shop with its play area as it offers somewhere for them to have good food whilst letting their kids have fun . However, this is a coffee shop for everyone. This was evident by the variety of ages while I was there; as Josh says, it’s for ’the young, the old and everyone in-between.’ 


Coffee shops are a lot more than just a frothy cappuccino and a slice of chocolate cake. They provide a whole experience and in some cases a community. In a time where life is so uncertain and the cold, winter months loom ahead, coffee shops like Coffee Hog can help uplift the barest of days.