WITNESSING an almost unfathomable magic trick performed right before your eyes never fails to astound, astonish or perplex the mind.

When they are done well, it can be hard to not question if otherworldly forces are at play, despite knowing that any sorcery is actually just the result of deception, years of practice and very quick hands.

The latter is what Vincent Gamibini, who is performing at Colchester Arts Centre on Wednesday, considers his forte.

His speedy, sleight-of-hand abilities, with cards and coins, has seen him win prizes in several competitions - a skill he spent an unimaginable number of hours perfecting throughout his teen years.

These days, the Brighton-based magic man combines his conjuring ways with deadpan comedy, elements of theatre, performance art and spoken word.

The make-up of his latest show, The Chore of Enchantment, has been inspired by how global news events have left him disillusioned, while coming to terms with struggling from ‘magician’s block’.

During the performance, Vincent, who is part of the coveted London Magic Circle, will also use entertainment to touch on the difficulties of trying to operate as a magician within the modern world.

It will explore whether or not the mystic of magic can provide solace and escapism in a constantly changing world where thoughts are dominated by negativity.

Prior to what is sure to be a jaw-dropping routine, Vincent will lead a free practical magic workshop.

It will give budding David Blaines an insight into how to confidently pull-off sleight-of-hand magic, by looking at the relationship between the magician’s actions, the eyes, and speech.

The promise is guests will leave the venue armed with the knowledge to perform tricks -which only require a coin and a pen -with ultimate conviction.

The workshop runs from 4pm until 6.30pm on Wednesday and is free to attend, but pre-booking is advised.

Vincent Gamibini’s main show will also take place on Wednesday from 8pm, with the venue’s doors opening at 7.30pm.

Guests are invited to pay what they can afford, up to £15, to gain can entry to the show.

Tickets can be purchased from colchesterartscentre.com or by calling the box office on 01206 500900.