Everyone loves a White Christmas and the good news is, weather forecasters are confident the UK will enjoy ample snowfall come December 25. 

The bad news is, the run-up could also see us gripped by the coldest winter in eight years. 

Temperatures are expected to plunge low enough for snow blizzards, especially in hilly areas, in England and Wales on Christmas Day. 

Meteorologists are even talking about a so-called “battleground scenario” that will see Arctic conditions threaten the UK’s transport, schools and offices. 

Thankfully, there is also an army of professionals who will be working right through the festive period, all with the aim of ensuring the UK’s citizens stay safe and healthy. 

Here are just some of the starring roles you can find online. 

Medical & Healthcare 

Right now GPs and surgery managers must contend with the seasonal influx of patients, suffering from winter colds and flus. 

Rather than letting Christmas be a bah humbug affair, they will work hard to ensure patients are seen quickly and get the right remedies. 

After all, a horrible cold is not the Christmas present anybody wants. 

Out in the community, meanwhile, nurses and care workers are busy ensuring the needs of the most vulnerable are met, particularly during the cold weather. 

It’s not only healthcare that’s provided: it’s amazing what hot soup and kind conversation can do to help others in need. 

Emergency Services 

Treacherous road conditions, icy pavements, sudden snow blizzards . . . winter may be a wonderland in the UK but it can also bring real danger. 

That’s why the work of the emergency services – the police, firefighters and paramedics – is vital at this time of year.  

All of these professionals can be called out to deal with accidents, fires (faulty Christmas tree lights are often a cause) or sudden illnesses. 

It’s fast-paced work on the frontline and can be physically and emotionally hard work . . . however the job satisfaction cannot be beaten. 


Wrapping Christmas presents isn’t the only paperwork taking place this month. From dentists’ and GPs’ receptionists to medical records clerks, the NHS requires an admin army to take care of official documents. 

These are ideal roles for those with an organisational streak as well as the communication skills to work with people who may not be feeling at their best or need a little reassurance. 

Military & Security 

It’s a sign of the times that the UK’s Christmas Markets this year have a high-visibility policing presence. Terror attacks across Europe have meant extra vigilance is necessary. 

In some instances, this can even mean armed police on patrol. Thankfully, this is precautionary and should make us feel safer rather than stifling our enjoyment of Christmas events. 

Similarly, our armed forces will, as ever, be on permanent stand-by. In some jobs you need to be switched on and ready to go, whatever the weather and whatever the season.  

Social Services & Housing 

This Christmas will see an estimated 320,000 people homeless, according to the charity Shelter, as the number of people without a safe home continues to rise. 

One in 200 people, meanwhile, are living in temporary accommodation, hostels or sleeping rough. 

Housing Association employees and social workers help the homeless daily but it’s especially tough at this time of the year. 

For every challenge you meet, however, there’s also an opportunity to overcome it. These victories not only deliver results for the people you’re helping, they bring the best Christmas present of all. 

If you’re feeling inspired to make this Christmas extra special for others, why not check out the latest vacancies online?