There are great opportunities for anyone carving out a career in Insurance. From claims handlers to brokers, there are opportunities in all areas of the industry.

If you’re keen to accelerate a career in motoring insurance, however, brace yourself: customers are asking serious questions.

They want to know why their car insurance premiums have risen by an average of £110 in the past year.

In fact, by next year they could reach a record high of £1,000, and the tough questions are going to keep on coming and the Insurance pros will have to be ready with answers.

So what’s behind the cost rises? Caviar in the canteen sandwiches and Champagne in the restroom taps? Nope.

Could it be the number of supercars wrecked in every new Fast and Furious movies?

The real answer is a combination of increasingly expensive post-accident repairs and recent changes by the government to injury payouts.

This double whammy has pushed up the cost of annual insurance by a whopping 16 per cent.

It works like this: as cars continue to bristle with ever more complex electronics, even the simplest bump in the supermarket car park is becoming expensive to fix.

Meanwhile, the government’s changes to lump sum payments for accident victims is also causing a hike in premiums.

It’s customer sales and service executives in insurance who are likely to find themselves fielding most of the feedback about price rises, so in these roles you really need to have great people skills.

You’ll be dealing with the public all the time, including some who will question every clause in their policy, as well as the price.

And with bonuses on offer of up to 25 per cent of your salary, developing good relationships with your customers is also the key to personal success.

So don’t be put off by challenging questions – insurance is an exciting business and one where you can get in the fast lane to promotion from an entry-level position, simply by having all the right answers.