The techo-savvy, smart well informed generation of 20 to 30-somethings  are predicted to make up  three quarters of the global workforce  by 2025.  

And because they’ll soon be the  major players in our workplace, HR  managers and recruiters are finding  they need to adapt their approach to  attract and retain this section of the  work force.  

If you are forging your own career  in HR? Here’s what you need to do.  

Paint a picture: Millennials love  visuals so would-be employers need  to have an engaging online presence.  Attracting potential stars  means looking as good as possible  so get a well-designed, easy to navigate,  mobile-friendly website. Ditch  overly wordy descriptions in favour  of videos, images and infographics  and keep business jargon to a minimum.  

If you have a blog page then keep  it up-to-date.  

Embrace technology: Tech-dependent  millennials are never without  some sort of device. Think of  mobile phones and tablets as the  modern equivalent of Linus’ comfort  blanket. This means an HR  manager worth their salt will be up  to speed with the latest work-enabling  technology.  

Have a warm welcome: Thanks  to social media millennials are a  gregarious bunch and many will  be looking to become part of a community  as much as land a job. This  means if you want to become a top  recruitment consultant, you need  to highlight a company’s social side  such as parties, away-days, sporting  events and community outreach  programmes.  

Offer more than the money: Company  culture is important to millennials.  A solid salary simply doesn’t  cut it anymore. Part-time and flexible  working, maternity and paternity  leave, volunteering opportunities  and a ‘go green’ ethos are all high on  the millennial wish list.  

Offer access to thrills in skills:  Learning and development opportunities  can be nearly as attractive  as a good salary and fancy job title.  Firms that invest time in training,  mentoring and secondments are going  to be more appealing. It pays to  manage our millennials – remember  they’re the bosses of the future.