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With 84% of UK adults using the internet1 the majority of your customers are looking for businesses like yours online.
Advertise online and allow your new customers to find you and do business with you.

If you want to effectively promote your business, you need to include online in your marketing mix.

Why online advertising is good for business

Generate leads

More people are going online. The total online audience is continuing to grow with an estimated 43 million people in the UK using the internet every month2. Advertise online and get your message in front of these potential customers.

What attracts so many people to our sites?

24-hour news

New stories are uploaded to our websites all day, every day. We provide great content which attracts people to our sites and keeps them coming back for more.

Trusted brands

Associate your business with the most trusted brands in the area. Our newspaper brands are at the heart of the community and command huge prestige.

Our audience = your potential customers

Growing audiences

Every month more and more local people come to our sites to read our stories. They are loyal readers and come back time and time again. These people are potential new customers for your local business.

Targeting and timing

Advertise with us when it suits your business - weekends, when you have a sale, evenings only etc. Tell us about the type of customer you would like to attract and we will use our targeting technology to put your message in front of these people.

Don't miss out on new customers. Advertise online.

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1 Internet World Stats Oct 2012
2 UKOM Aug 2012