TROUBLEMAKERS who cause cause booze-fuelled problems in the town centre will not be tolerated, according to Colchester’s district commander.

Chief Insp Shaun Kane was forced to introduce a 48-hour dispersal order at the weekend after a fight broke out in Colchester High Street in the early hours of Saturday.

The incident began after a man was kicked out of Atik and hung around outside until the club closed meaning hundreds of people were gathered in a small space.

A fight started as other people spilled into the streets, which led to passersby throwing food and drink, while others hurled glass bottles taken from a nearby wheelie bin.

Police licensing officer Alan Beckett and Mr Kane are planning meetings with Atik and other neighbouring pubs to see what could have been done better.

Mr Kane said: “We are thankful nobody was seriously hurt and there was no serious damage.

“But we are taking this matter very seriously.

“We are working with out partners to understand what went wrong, if anything, and to maintain the good reputation of safety for people enjoying a night out in Colchester.

“My message is anybody who chooses to cause disorder or other problems in our night-time economy will not be tolerated.

“CCTV in the town centre is exceptional so people should be mindful police will be following up on incidents and they can expect a knock at the door.”

Mr Kane said the decision to introduce a dispersal order, giving officers the power to order anyone to leave the area if they have grounds to believe the person is likely to be involved in crime or disorder, worked well but was not something which could be implemented all the time.

He said: “The dispersal order was used to for community reassurance and public safety.

“Law abiding members of the public should not be in fear of this which the police can employ as we strive to protect public safety.

“It is not something we can do all the time – it is quite intrusive and a measure we don’t use unless there is a good reason.”

Mr Beckett has backed the plan for FaceWatch to be introduced into the town - an IT system which will allow door staff and other partners to digitally pool a rogue’s gallery of people barred from entering participating venues.

He added: “There is a system of identification scanning which is not too far away where security staff could use a machine to run over a passport or driving licence and it will then come up with a tick or a cross if you are allowed in.”

n Anyone with information, dashcam or mobile phone footage relating to the High Street disorder should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.