A FILMMAKING prodigy who taught himself animation aged six has had more than 44,000 hits on Youtube.

Leon Nash, 10, spends hours at his computer - but unlike other children his age he is not just playing computer games.

The talented youngster makes stop-motion films using Lego characters and movie-making software.

He posts the videos on his YouTube , Facebook site and his own website - and has attracted followers from all around the world.

His family said he became a computer whizz as a toddler and began making movies at the age of six.

Leon, who lives in Hardy’s Green, Birch, said he wants to direct action movies and develop his own computer games when he grows up.

He added: “My favourite films are action ones, like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, and I would like to one day make films like that."

Leon is currently juggling his hobby whilst studying for his 11+ exams and hopes to get into Colchester Royal Grammar School.

He uses his Lego set to create plots, taking hundreds of still photographs and pain-stakingly moving each character one step at a time.

Leon then stitches the images together into a moving film using software he taught himself how to use.

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