A GRIEVING father wants tougher enforcement of new rules on decorations and wind chimes at Colchester Cemetery.

Families have been told to limit chimes, decorations and solar lights at graves in the Mersea Road site. Six trees were adorned with chimes and one had more than 50.

After negotiations with Colchester Council, families were told they could keep some chimes.

But Mark Andrew, of Cowdray Avenue, Colchester, said he and other grave owners felt let down by the “U-turn’’.

He said: “After a little pressure, the council crumpled. The vast majority of those consulted expected a dramatic reduction in chimes or their removal.”

Mr Andrew’s 16-year-old son Daniel, who died after being hit by a car in Greenstead Road, Colchester, in June 2008, is buried in a section filled with chimes. His father said: “We picked the plot because the few chimes that were there created a nice distraction. But in the past couple of years, things have deteriorated.

“People have gone overboard. It’s not just chimes in trees. There are baubles, candles, whirly, metallic things and wooden chimes that make a racket. There are toys and windmills on graves. It’s got out of hand.”

Mr Andrew has written to Martin Hunt, councillor responsible for the cemetery, criticising the council “U-turn’’ on its decision to remove items that breach new regulations.

Alison Day and Marlon Sherman, of Lethe Grove, Colchester, had called on the council to allow them to keep chimes. The couple have adorned the grave of son Harry, who died aged eight in April 2008, with ornaments and nearby trees with chimes.

The council said last week that following a proposal by chime owners to dramatically reduce the number of ornaments in trees, it would not undertake any immediate enforcement action.