CONCERNED councillors have vowed to ensure the closure of a lifeline post office is only temporary.

Post office bosses have revealed they have been forced to close the post office in Hunwicke Road, Colchester, after the postmaster decided to step down.

The surprise news was revealed in a letter to Greenstead councillor Tim Young (Lab) who was concerned about people having to travel further afield for crucial services.

Mr Young said: "This has come as a real shock.

"Many residents in Greenstead rely on the post office for their banking, pension and other service needs.

"This closure will result in real hardship for a lot of people with the nearest, alternative branches at St John’s in Ipswich Road or at Wivenhoe Cross which, for many, is, at least, one bus journey away.”

Fellow councillor Tina Bourne said: "Hunwicke Road post office has been a lifeline for Greenstead residents for decades.

"I used it regularly when I lived on the estate.

"It is a very serious situation and we will be working very hard to ensure this closure is very temporary - we desperately need post office services on Greenstead.”

Julie Young, the third councillor representing Greenstead on Colchester Council, said the group plans to contact the post office to ensure the service is resumed as soon as possible.

Services are set to shut down on October 18 and in the letter to Mr Young Post Office account executive Adam Williams apologised for the inconvenience.

He said: " "Regrettably, following the resignation of the postmaster and the withdrawal of the premises for post office use the branch will be closing temporarily on October 18.

"The provision of a post office service to our customers in the community is important to us, and we will continue to work hard to restore services in the area as soon as possible.

"We would welcome any applications from potential retail partners interested in running Greenstead Post Office on our behalf.

"I would like to assure you we are working hard to keep any period of closure to a minimum and we are currently investigating the options available which will enable us to reinstate a post office service to the local community.

"I would like to apologise for the inconvenience the temporary closure may cause."

Anyone interested in taking on the role is asked to call 0845 601 6260.