A STORAGE company has welcomed one of its most unusual packages yet – 112 giraffe sculptures which will be part of Colchester Zoo’s 50th birthday celebrations.

The Big Yellow Self Storage Company is one of 30 businesses sponsoring Stand Tall for Giraffes, in which a herd of 2.5-metre tall giraffe sculptures will be on display around Colchester for 12 weeks.

These 30 giraffes have all been individually painted by artists.

Along with the large scale giraffes, 82 smaller sculptures have been painted by schools in the Colchester area - and all 112 will be stored at the warehouse in Bruff Close, Colchester, from now until the launch of the campaign on June 2.

Big Yellow’s giraffe is called Love Hearts, whose design is the brainchild of Norfolk artist Samuel Thomas.

Andy Polson, manager at Big Yellow, said: “Love hearts cover the giraffe in a psychedelic and colourful style which is very appropriate given the zoo’s Sixties origins.

"The giraffe is going to be really eye-catching when it’s on display in the town this summer.”

After being on show, all of the giraffes will be auctioned off to raise money for the zoo’s charity Action for the Wild.