RESIDENTS are being urged to stay safe while a killer or killers remain at large.

Jim Attfield and Nahid Al-Manea were both murdered in Colchester.

Detectives are investigating them as parallel but separate investigations as there is no physical evidence linking the killings, just circumstantial.

However, whether killed by the same person, a different person, or more than one person, senior police are urging people to stay safe as they attempt to catch the killers at large.

Mr Worron said: “It is likely the killer or killers have an association with Colchester whether they live her, work here or study here.

“Something draws them to Colchester.

“We have had two murders in a short period with no clear motive.

“The most effective way to ensure the safety of others would be to identify, arrest and charge someone, it is that simple and we are doing all we can to do this.

“We want to reassure people and protect them but people must remain vigilant.

“This is as relevant now as it has been from the start.

“The hope is the information we are now going through will identify the killer, the public will continue to support us and come forward and people will take care.”

Extra patrols are still taking place in Colchester, although a smaller number than immediately following the murder of Nahid Al-Manea.

Supt Steve Ditchburn, in a statement following the killings, said: “Our advice to people is we have now had two knife murders in Colchester in less than three months where the motive for the attacks remains unknown.

“Against that background we would advise everyone in the town to remain vigilant.

“Both of these attacks were on lone people who were in locations where it appears no one else was nearby at the time.

“For that reason we would remind people to take sensible precautions to stay safe.

“This includes avoiding any situations in which you could find yourself isolated and alone in a public area.”

There are a wide range of tips on this subject on the Be Safe section of the Essex Police website.

This is available at

Mr Ditchburn added: “We would ask families, friends and neighbours to keep an eye out for each other and provide support to anyone they consider vulnerable.”

Among the safety precautions since the killings was the handing out of 2,000 panic alarms to students at Essex University.

Chief Inspector Richard Phillibrown, Colchester District Commander, echoed the safety messages.

He said: "We have received excellent support throughout this investigation from the whole community.”

There is no guarantee the killer or killers will not strike again but Mr Phillibrown insisted everything is being done to catch them and keep people safe.

Speaking since the killings he added: “The challenges are significant.

“I have met with the community safety partnership, lots of work is being done with people in the community, with the university and minority groups.

“People are concerned and we need them to work with us.

“Look out for friends, family and vulnerable people and don’t find yourselves isolated, even in open spaces.

“Our priority must be the safety of the people of Colchester and we will make every effort and take every action to ensure their safety.”