HEALTHY older people are needed for an exciting university study to see how well people process emotions in their later years.

The psychology department at Essex University is co-ordinating the research and are looking for right-handed people aged between 63 and 75 who are willing to be asked to listen to different tones of voice to see how well they can identify emotions and be exposed to transcranial random noise stimulation.

Left-handed people are not used in this trial - or many others which looks to research the makeup of the brain - because their results tend to show more anomalies than right-handed people.

Research officer Denise Wallace said: “Transcranial random noise stimulation is a very gentle method of brain stimulation using a tiny amount of electrical current.

“This method is very safe but effective and we want to see if applying it changes how well participants can identify different emotions.

“The hope is that this study might prove useful in clinical applications and improve what we know about identifying emotions as we age.”

Anyone interested is asked to call Denise on 07732058273 or email for more information.