A BRIDE and groom were not just the star of their own big day when they got married in front of television cameras.

Bibiana Bajoma’s marriage to Sam Bajoma was recorded for BBC2 show Wedding Planners.

Bibiana, 26, a dentist in Colchester, had been followed by crews as she chose her dress, venue and cake.

She said: “I was planning the wedding while finishing my studies at dental school in London. The plans took me about a year and half.

“We had a large Nigerian engagement ceremony in Canary Wharf prior to the actual wedding.

“I was married in a white dress, but later we changed in to traditional Nigerian dress. I really wanted to fuse the two cultures.”

A traditional Nigerian wedding usually involves about 1,000 guests, however the couple toned down their big day to about 500. Bibiana said: “We were not paid for the programme for us, it was about representing our culture.”

Sam and Bibiana, who have been together for three years, were married at at St Michael’s Church, St Michael’s Lane, Braintree, on Saturday.

Speaking during the anxious wait on the steps of St Michael’s, Sam, 26, an engineer from London, said: “I am so excited. It’s the happiest day of my life.

“Even though the rain is pouring down, it won’t stop us having an amazing time.

“The filming has made everything a bit more magical.”

The Rev Charles Mason said film crews had attended the church for the reading of the wedding banns and a pre-wedding interview.

He said: “I have been here for 11 years, and it is the first time we have taken part in anything like this.

“There were a couple of last minute changes, but apart from that the ceremony took place as normal.

“It was very exciting to welcome the crews to St Michael’s.”

Wedding Planners is due to be screened on BBC 2 this autumn.