LET’S take a leap of faith and assume all MPs choose to take on the job to serve the public and make a difference.

They want, we hope, to make the world a better place.

So it is with some confusion we report today none of our north Essex MPs are in favour of lowering the drink drive limit.

Report after report, compiled by experts recommends a reduction in the drink drive limit from 80mgs in 100 mls of blood to 50.

This would bring England in line with pretty much the rest of Europe including Scotland.

Road campaigners say it will save lives and reduce the number of casualties, some of whose lives are changed forever.

And yet our MPs will not back the initiative. They say education is the key.

They are just side-stepping the issue.

Looking at it another way, it is a fair guess none of them would want the general public to be allowed to carry guns.

And yet they are happy not to call for a tightening of drink-drive laws.

The bottom line is alcohol impairs decision making. All alcohol. That is not an opinion, it is a fact.

Ideally, drivers should have no alcohol in their system when they drive.

Some years ago, the Gazette backed a campaign to lower the drink drive limit.

It was launched by the Bell family whose daughter had been killed in an accident in which the driver was just under the legal drink drive limit.

We still back that campaign and we want our MPs to have the courage to do so too.