A COUPLE whose lives were made miserable for more than a year because of a neighbour are set to appear on television.

Andy and Irena Claridge, of Chinook, Colchester, will be on an episode of The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door which will be aired at 9pm on Channel Five tonight which documents their feud with David Grothier.

Earlier this year, Grothier was handed a ten-month jail sentence for threatening the pair with a 20cm kitchen knife during a row over a CCTV camera and assaulting Mr Claridge.

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But just weeks after he was jailed, Grothier was back living underneath the couple despite having a ban on contacting them as he had served much of his sentence whilst on remand in custody.

Last month he was convicted of arson after a jury found him guilty of setting fire to another neighbour's flat in March while he was out.

Sadly, at hree-month old German Shepherd puppy, Shadow, as well as a cat, a chinchilla and two budgies all died in the fire.

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Grothier is due to be sentenced for the arson in the first week of November.

Production company Flame which works on The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door has written to Grothier in prison to get his side of the story for the programme.