A DAD'S initiative to recycle football boots to African children is in need of businesses to back what is to become a charity.

Iain Finch has been responsible for keeping more than 1,000 children's feet safe in six countries across Africa since he launched Boots2Africa last July.

Just short of 3,000 pairs have been donated from over 50 football clubs across East Anglia, but the next step is getting more firms on board.

He said: "What we need are volunteer fundraisers and trustees of our charity, which I'm just in the process of setting up, and we'd also like to be a company's designated charity of the year.

"Getting the boots isn't a problem. Monthind cleaning company in Colchester has kindly given me warehouse space, and they collect the boots for us from clubs where it's too difficult to get to.

"Our charity partners also take and distribute the boots under their own steam so those two elements are taken care of.

"But being in our second year, rather than boots being taken by people in bags, we'd like containers, but shipping and customs are currently our biggest challenges."

Another up to 1,000 boots will leave for Africa before Christmas. Some pairs are likely to be donated by either of Iain's two sons Toby, 16, and Oscar, 17, whose 38 pairs gathering dust inspired him to do something.

The 47-year-old said: "It's about promoting good foot health and enabling the youngsters to play better football.

"Only two African nations have ever reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup and for a quarter of the world's population they can do a lot better, but they need good kit in order to do it."

For more information, visit boots2africa.co.uk or call Iain Finch on 07913248028.