A mum has launched a Prosecco business bringing a favourite bubbly to your doorstep.

Abbie Pennick has refurbished an old Piaggio moped to have two Prosecco taps fitted to the back, and launched her independent business the Fizzical Co.

Looking to cater at events around the district, Abbie is hoping to latch on to the current popularity of the drink.

The 27-year-old said: “Prosecco is in at the moment, and really popular.

“But you know what, I’m not actually a fan myself, but at least that means I won’t be drinking on the job.

“I needed something that was going to stand out and catch peoples' eyes, so I definitely think this will do it.”

After seeing similar businesses have success in London and further afield, Abbie is hoping her “quirky pink Piaggio” will prove popular, particularly at weddings or fairs.

She said: “I think it is really quirky which is what we wanted.

“You see the success that shows like The Only Way Is Essex have, where everyone likes this idea of being ‘Essex’, you can’t get much more Essex than a pink Prosecco truck.”

Abbie, originally from Silver End, but currently living in Black Notley, previously spent five years working as a police officer in East London, but after the birth of her daughter, Olivia, last August she is hoping for more of a risk-free career closer to home.

Alongside her partner, Abbie came up with the idea shortly after Olivia’s birth after seeing similar business models in London.

But with the Piaggio having to be renovated, as well as being imported from Italy, it’s been a long wait to get things up and running.

The process has seen the little Piaggio painted, completely rewired with electrics running through the back and a new set of tyres put on.

Not simply just a prosecco business, the transformed moped has two pumps fitted in the back, so any lagers, ciders or ales in keg form can be attached.

Abbie said: “We ordered it in December, so it has been a bit of a long wait.

“It’s been a lot of money and time, but I am so happy with how it has turned out.

“I am a bit nervous now, I wouldn’t mind fast forwarding a few months to when we have a full diary and events to go to.

“It’s been hard, because its quite a hard idea to pitch in words, but now we have pictures to show people, the interest has increased straight away.”

The Piaggio had its first trial run last weekend at at Olivia’s first birthday party, where it went down a treat with Abbie’s friends and other mums.

Abbie added: “It went down really well, I probably couldn’t have asked for a much better reaction.

“I am starting to get a few e-mails of interest, it was quite funny, one of the teachers at the local school suggested pitching up there at 3pm on a Friday.”

The Fizzical Co. is now available to cater at any event.

Call 07974938942 or email